Badings and Raaijmakers – Capriccio for Violin and Two Sound Tracks – Genese, Evolutions and Contrasts

Ages ago I bought an LP of electronic music by Henk Badings and Dick Raaijamakers. It was weird and new and I liked it. This is before synthesizers and modern gagets – froma time when the musician to build his own electronic contraptions. I played that LP a lot, back then. This week, I was pawing through my old LP’s and found a copy of the album which had never been opened. Ages ago I must have bought a second copy and left the plastic on the outside – waiting for a day when the original was worn out and I could open the new one.
I opened it today, removing the sealed plastic bag and revealing a LP disk that was more than 50 years old and yet brand new. I immediately played it – once – into my computer and digitized the whole thing. It is still weird and interesting.