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Badings and Raaijmakers – Capriccio for Violin and Two Sound Tracks – Genese, Evolutions and Contrasts

Ages ago I bought an LP of electronic music by Henk Badings and Dick Raaijamakers. It was weird and new and I liked it. This is before synthesizers and modern gagets – froma time when the musician to build his own electronic contraptions. I played that LP a lot, back then. This week, I was pawing through my old LP’s and found a copy of the album which had never been opened. Ages ago I must have bought a second copy and left the plastic on the outside – waiting for a day when the original was worn out and I could open the new one.
I opened it today, removing the sealed plastic bag and revealing a LP disk that was more than 50 years old and yet brand new. I immediately played it – once – into my computer and digitized the whole thing. It is still weird and interesting.

Ocean Waves Ambience

Ocean Waves on the Rocks – Download

Ambience. It is all about the sound of nature. This is an hour of the ocean waves crashing on the rocks at Beavertail Rhode Island. Recorded in 1972

Cow Bell Orchestra – Swiss Alps 1973 – MP3

Spring of 1973… Just finished recording the interview with Albert Hofmann… Driving through the Swiss Alps. In a valley with no cars, nor houses, nor any signs of the outside world, there are hundreds of cows… each cow has a bell around its neck and each bell is a different size, as they move, the bells ring. Is it a symphony, or cacophony? Is it chaos or is there a melody? This is an hour of the cow bell symphony…. Very relaxing.