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One: A movie

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A movie from my High School era. It is 1967. I am struggling with alienation, individualism and conformity. Ruth and I spend a lot of phone time talking about how we don’t feel like we fit in. So we made a movie. The media teacher, Dusty Stiles, does the camera work. Ruth runs around our school where everyone is a conformist. I have no idea how we talked so many people into wearing bags. The story is so poignant and reminds me of the struggles of LGBTQ people and anyone who struggles with who we are. Are we our own people or just puppets dancing to the crowds tune. “Let me be to think like I want to…” The songs by the Turtles were hits in 1965. The words ring now too.

Who invented the first computer? No question that chief engineer Presper Eckert was the “sparkplug” of the ENIAC project.  This is a 5 hour conversation with Eckert about his childhood inventions, his early work with counting circuits and the steps that led to the development of ENIAC. It was the first all electronic computing machine. (1991)

Listen to what he has to say about who took what ideas from whom.

Presper Eckert talking with Alex Randall – download

Kenneth Boulding was a Quaker Economist and general Systems Theorist. For me this was a trifecta. Three reasons to go to his home and talk. This is a recording of our discussion about the Economics of peace and Love.

Kenneth Boulding talking with Alex Randall – download

Pre-Cognitive Dreaming. A report to the Psiber Dreaming Conference – Original Text