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Digging the Weans”- Download

This is charming… What would an archeologists say about us? If they dug up New York or Washington, what would the scientists say about modern Americans… The Weans. excellent perspective on who WE are.

Aldous Huxley – Reading Stories and Poems – download

Aldous is reading from his poems and stories from Folio Two – recorded in 1949

Alexander Randall 4th reading aloud – The Walrus and the Carpenter – Download

Alexander Randall 4th – Reading – Ulysses – download

AR4 Reading the Jabberwocky – Download

AR-4-Reading – Complete Hunting of the SNARK – Download

AR-4-Reading – Shel Silverstein Trash Out – Download

Alex4 loved to read to children. He read to Edie and I when we were young and he read to all of our kids. This is one of his favorite poems.