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Alex Randall Musing on Sapiential Circles – Download

Where do novel ideas come from? How do the move through society? What is the Diffusion of Innovation?What role does the second person hearing a novel idea play? How can this process be stimulated and enhanced?

Alexander Randall 4th reading aloud – The Walrus and the Carpenter – Download

Alexander Randall 4th – Reading – Ulysses – download

Ocean Waves on the Rocks – Download

Ambience. It is all about the sound of nature. This is an hour of the ocean waves crashing on the rocks at Beavertail Rhode Island. Recorded in 1972

Cow Bell Orchestra – Swiss Alps 1973 – MP3

Spring of 1973… Just finished recording the interview with Albert Hofmann… Driving through the Swiss Alps. In a valley with no cars, nor houses, nor any signs of the outside world, there are hundreds of cows… each cow has a bell around its neck and each bell is a different size, as they move, the bells ring. Is it a symphony, or cacophony? Is it chaos or is there a melody? This is an hour of the cow bell symphony…. Very relaxing.

AR4 Reading the Jabberwocky – Download

AR-4-Reading – Complete Hunting of the SNARK – Download

AR-4-Reading – Shel Silverstein Trash Out – Download

Alex4 loved to read to children. He read to Edie and I when we were young and he read to all of our kids. This is one of his favorite poems.